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Rumors about iPhone 16

Rumors about iPhone 16

All Apple fans eagerly await the latest version of the iconic device, called iPhone 16.

In this article, we have gathered all the rumors and information we managed to collect about the upcoming models.

A18 Pro - the New Heart of the iPhone 16

According to our findings, the iPhone 16 will run on the A18 Pro. The latest processor will not only allow for more efficient device operation but is also expected to have increased energy efficiency. In simple terms, this means the phone will last longer on a single charge.

Wi-Fi 7 5G Support

With the latest version of the 5G Advanced connection, we will be able to enjoy faster file downloads, better streaming quality, and improved online gaming.

Capture Button

This is a completely new feature for the iPhone. It is a physical button located next to the lock button. It is used as a shutter release, but this is likely not the only function of this button.

Camera Enhancement

Better lenses have been announced for all versions, which should result in higher-quality photos, especially in ultra-wide mode. It is also possible that the Pro model will receive a fivefold optical zoom, and the Pro Max a super-telephoto lens with a periscope optical system, enabling even better zoom capabilities.

As you can see, these are changes worth waiting for. But for how long? That is still unknown, but we are counting on a September presentation, as with previous models.